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Convert 3D stereo digital files to slides
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Convert stereoscopic digital files to 3D slides on film for the best stereo photo viewing experience.

LukerDoops takes stereoscopic digital photo files uploaded by customers and converts them into stereo slides (transparencies) on film for optical, non-digital stereo (3D) viewing or projection without a computer.

Using two images taken from viewpoints separated by the distance between human eyes, three-dimensional stereo photos preserve the 3D realism of the original scene. Even though photographers now use digital cameras instead of film, life-like viewing of stereoscopic 3D photography is still possible without the need to look at a computer screen.

By making and mounting stereo slides (film transparencies) that fit into Realist Red-button or other hand-held viewers, LukerDoops digital-to-film conversion services will transfer your digital stereo files to slides on film using a film recorder. The slides can be projected with polarized light onto a silvered screen to view with polarized glasses. You can also share your stereo photos by giving a gift of slides and a hand-held viewer.

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