Convert 3D stereo digital files to slides
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Conditions of Use

The slides and transparencies made by LukerDoops are made from image files uploaded by the customers, but not necessarily from ANY or ALL images.

By attempting to check out and purchase any product from LukerDoops, each customer affirms and agrees to the following "Conditions of Use" for the LukerDoops site:

1. No files uploaded to the LukerDoops site for duplication, replication, transfer to film, or other processing may contain pornographic images or "adult content" depicting sexual or violent behavior or situations, or content that is derogatory or specifically offensive to individuals or groups. LukerDoops is the sole interpreter of this clause and may reject any and all images for any reason or for no reason, without recourse.

2. Every customer affirms that he/she owns the copyright or otherwise has secured the rights to copy any and all images that the customer uploads to LukerDoops, and has the right to extend and does extend those rights to LukerDoops, and will defend and hold LukerDoops harmless for any actions from any source whatsoever based on real or supposed infringement of copyright of the images.

3. In the event that a customer may be unsatisfied with the products or services of LukerDoops and remains unsatisfied after LukerDoops has made reasonable attempts to fix the problem, the matter will be considered completely resolved when the delivered products are returned to LukerDoops and the cost paid by the customer for the unsatisfactory products or services is refunded to the registrant, except for postage, setup and handling charges,. LukerDoops is not liable for direct or consequential damages, lost services or opportunities, or other effects that may result from dissatisfaction with the performance of LukerDoops.
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