Convert 3D stereo digital files to slides
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3D Stereo slide made from two separate files

On this page you identify your file pair, specify how many copies you want ($5.00 unmounted, $6.00 mounted) and any other services you need.

You upload two separate digital image files from your own computer, one file each for the left-eye and right-eye views, from which LukerDoops creates a single stereo pair on film.

Enter an image title and its two file names below.
Specify the width for each image on film, based on the viewer you will use.
Specify whether window adjustment and color correction are needed.
Tell how many copies of this view are needed, whether unmounted or in RBT mounts.
To send the file to LukerDoops:  Make a note of the order number you receive upon checkout:  After you have checked out, you will see a link to the Upload page.  Click it and you will be given an upload box from which you can browse to the image-file on your computer. You can send all the files in your order at once, or you can send them singly.  The file you locate will be prepared for uploading to LukerDoops.  When prompted for more information, enter your name and order number so we'll know which files you've sent.

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