Convert 3D stereo digital files to slides
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3D Stereo View Gift Pack


Nine stereoscopic views, converted to slides, mounted in RBT mounts, plus one Radex hand-held stereo viewer, with free shipping to one address

Now you can share your favorite 3d views with friends and family without a need to load anything onto their computers.  Send them this gift pack containing nine of your own stereo photographs plus a Radex "steal-the-light" viewer, and they'll see why you get so excited about stereo!   

Identify your nine favorite views by navigating on your own computer to the location of their files, either single side-by-side files, such as MPO from the Fuji W3, or separate left-right views taken with your twin rig.  Upload the files to LukerDoops, and we'll do the rest. 

We'll set the "stereo window" if you haven't pre-processed your views, then we'll convert the digital files to slide film and mount the slides in RBT mounts.  Finally we'll throw in a new Radex hand-held viewer and mail it all to the address of your choice.

Here's how to do it:  Order the gift pack by adding this product to your Shopping Cart.  Then, to send the files to LukerDoops, make a note of the order number you receive upon checkout:  After you have checked out, you will see a link to the Upload page.  Click it and you will be given an upload box from which you can browse to the image-files on your computer. You can send all the files in your order at once, or you can send them singly.  The files you locate will be prepared for uploading to LukerDoops.  Upload those files, and we'll do the rest.When prompted for more information, enter your name and order number so we'll know which files you've sent. 

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